Tuesday, 12 July 2016

poem about going to rio

if i went to Rio i would feel cool

if i got embarrassed i would feel cruel

i really wouldn't want to go to Rio

if i saw my old friend Leo

I think Rio is a real cool place

i wouldn't go if i ate yuck cake


  1. Zion, I really enjoyed your poem. It made me smile and laugh (particularly the line about eating the 'yuck cake'). Speaking of food, I wonder what the people in Rio typically eat for dessert. Do you think that they would eat cake like we do here in New Zealand? I suppose that one of the benefits of travelling to a place like Rio is that you could learn about the culture, the language, the customs and the foods that are commonly eaten in that place.

    Keep up the great work, Zion! I think that you have demonstrated some great creativity in this post and would love to see you apply your creativity to some of the other Winter Learning Journey activities. There are plenty to choose from!

    Cheers, Rachel

  2. Hi I'm Joemike from Papakura Central School, I liked your poem, i liked the way you used Cruel and cool as a rhyme, its really good, good job Zion, its also my first time commenting! (: This is my blog address so you can take a look and comment

    1. Hi Joemike! Thanks so much for commenting on Zion's blog and his awesome Rio poem. It's a pretty big deal publishing your first comment. Well done! Sadly, Zion has just left our school but Room 10 will check out your blog at Papakura Central School next week. We are pretty excited as we are going on a trip to Auckland Zoo tomorrow.


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